A rosé, pizza, & puppy-loving girl trying to make living a kind-to-the-earth lifestyle easy, affordable, & accessible!

Who Am I?

At 24 years old I realized that my choices have a lot bigger impact than I realized. My journey started by consuming more plants than animals, followed by becoming aware of the importance of cruelty-free products, and finally, realizing that I was completely oblivious to the amount of single-use plastic I used on a regular basis. I needed to change. I became furiously passionate about these topics and I love sharing my learnings as I go. 

What You'll Find Here

Recipes, resources, information, and reviews!

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I want to make an effort at reducing the amount of waste and plastic I use on a daily basis. I'll bring you along for the journey as I try out different methods and habits to better the planet.



The more I educate myself on the subject, the easier it becomes to not consume any animal products... I started because I wanted to be healthier and now I can't stop because I see animals as living beings instead of food. Even if you're not vegan, check out some of these recipes because they are out of this world!

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I've committed to making a more conscious effort to only purchase cruelty-free products in the future. It's exciting and important. I find myself looking forward to running out of my current items so that I can try more amazing clean brands! Have questions? Check out my FAQ section!

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