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Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner!

You won't be missing out on anything with these foolproof vegan Thanksgiving meal ideas; I promise.


Thai Butternut Squash Soup

I love this soup because it's not your typical Thanksgiving meal soup where it feels heavy. This is more of a broth-based soup and brings light and playful flavours without being overpowering! Find the recipe HERE.


Roasted Garlic & Herb Mash

Everyone loves creamy, rich, mashed potatoes, so here's a recipe for a delicious vegan option! Roasted garlic, vegan butter, cashew cream, salt, and fresh herbs make for a deadly combo. Find the recipe HERE.


Creamy Truffle Brussel Sprouts with Bacon Bits that are Actually Accidentally Vegan...

Remember when you were a little kid and brussel sprouts were the enemy? (Okay, this wasn't the case with me but I'm trying to be relatable, okay guys?). Now as adults, they're considered a gourmet appetizer that you pay an arm and a leg for! ha! Anyway, here's the recipe for a thick white cashew truffle sauce served over roasted brussel sprouts, and topped with little (vegan) bacon bits. Bulk barn, a great bulk food store we have in Canada, also has smokey bacon bits that most people don't even know isn't real bacon..... so how bout that. Find the recipe HERE .


Our Own Family's Favourite Cranberry Sauce Recipe

This cranberry sauce is super easy and super delicious. This is a family recipe that my mom created. A classic twist of citrus and port make for a recipe you'll want to save for years to come. I mean, it's not the healthiest thing in the world but there's not much on your plate anyways so go ahead and indulge. Find the recipe HERE.


Gardein Stuffed Turkey

I've never tried a Gardein product that I didn't like. We tested this one out as a family recently before committing to buying it for Thanksgiving this year and it was a hit! It's like a little gourmet bundle of deliciousness that also happened to be extremely affordable and loaded with vitamins and minerals. In the bag you also get gravy to go with your meal! Cooks up in the oven in under 30 minutes and you don't need to worry about choking on dry turkey meat for dinner this year, and no animals were harmed this way!


Almost "No-Bake" Pumpkin Tart!

This recipe is straight outta the Oh She Glows! holy grail of a cookbook. I've made this recipe countless times and its quite magnificent. You also only need a blender and pie pan to make it which is a bonus. I changed things up a bit by making a pumpkin spice coconut whip cream to pile on top! Find the recipe HERE.


Enjoy! Happy Holidays and Happy Turkey Day!

Kaits xox

*All photos in this post were taken by Tuesday Butcher Photography*


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