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Recipe of the Week

Get easy, delicious recipes straight to your inbox every week!

Every week I will be sending a delicious, easy, plant-based meal, directly to your inbox. My hope is to give you some easy ideas that you can do with very little time, that are both vegan and non-vegan approved.


My whole family isn't Vegan so when I send out a recipe, you can have the confidence that it is still delicious and filling.


I will be creating the recipes for servings of four for the most part so that they can be easily halved or so that you can have some easy leftovers to start your Monday on the right foot. 

Level-up your cooking skills!

At the bottom of each weekly email, you'll see the option to "Level-Up!". For each recipe, I include different ways that you can challenge yourself a little bit more. The original recipe will be tasty and simple and doesn't need any extras but I wanted to include the option to take it up a notch. This could include adding some different garnishes, adding spice, using a different cooking technique, or just changing up the main ingredient (i.e. using soy curls or jackfruit instead of cauliflower). 

What others have said about past recipes:

Honestly, so good!

We made the sesame peanut noodles as soon as we got the recipe. My husband is licking the bowl and he is not even vegan - That's a win!

Just what I needed!

I've been getting boared of my cooking and I need easy and delicious. This is perfect for when I'm studying and working and there's just no time!

I loved levelling it up!

I made the Sesame Garlic Noodles and it was unreal! I like the"level-up" ideas cause then if people really want to keep it basic they can but there are options to cater it to yourself. I loved adding the tofu!

Keep it up!

Your food always looks amazing! I'm slowly getting my family more vegetarian and vegan and I know my boyfriend and daughter will actually enjoy your recipes. So glad I came across your Instagram!

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Want more?

If one recipe a week isn't enough for you, check out my ebook complete with categorized grocery lists, breakfast recipes, lunches, dinners, and snacks!

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