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Everything You Need To Start Your Zero-Waste Journey Today!

Everything you need to start minimizing your impact on the planet!

It may seem overwhelming to switch up your habits at first, but I'm here to provide you with everything you need to get started!



Reusable shopping bags!

You can be all fancy and go buy some cool ones, you can buy some plain ones and draw on them with sharpie or fabric paint yourself, or just use bags that you already have at home! Lululemon and Sage Wellness bags work wonderfully!



Produce Bags!

Okay this one is a must!! People seriously have this irrational fear of their fruits & veggies touching each other in the shopping cart! No! They grow in dirt, guys! The apples will live just fine next to the bananas! One thing I do recommend though, is having a bag in your cart that you put all your produce in so it's not sitting in the cart all naked and such. I usually fill my bags with my produce, yes, all mixed together, and have an empty one for when the cashier scans them through from one bag and puts them straight into the empty one so they don't touch the conveyer belt, but whatever floats your boat!


Reusable Food Wrap!

This is magical!! Don't know what I'm talking about? Basically a less frustrating, more sustainable form of saran wrap that looks nice & pretty! If you're all about convenience, there's something for you! It's called Abeego! If you want to save a quick buck, have a couple extra minutes, and love DIY's like me, then I've got NEWS FOR YOU! You can make these babies in whatever size and pattern you want!! There's some awesome DIY tutorials on Pinterest but stay tuned on the blog because I'll be showing you all my trials & tribulations to take the leg work out of it for you! (If you're keen on getting started, I've heard the method using the oven works best!).


Reusable Coffee Mug!

Let's be honest, you probably already have like 6 of these hanging out in the back of your cupboards. If that's the case, throw one in your car for those times when you weren't expecting to need an afternoon pick-me up! If you're looking to get a cool one, S'well just came out with these super awesome mug versions of their water bottles! I'm in love!


Reusable Water Bottle!

Again, S'well takes the cake for quality but you don't need to spend an arm and a leg (even though it'll last you forever!). You can get double-walled water bottles that look an awful lot like S'well bottles for $12 at Winners!



Okay, this is the most important item in my opinion because straws are LETHAL! I hate them so much, and if you know me, I don't hate many things... + copper, stainless steel, bamboo, & glass straws are so much cooler!! Many restaurants are joining the movement to go straw-less and we should be prepared! Lots of straws come in packs of 4 or 8, so one for your car, for your bag, 2 for home! The selection is unreal! You can also get some paper straws that look super cute but I'll be honest, you have to drink pretty fast or else your straw gets kinda soggy! Also, paper straws aren't really zero-waste but it's still better than plastic! Anything is better than plastic.


Toothbrushes never get recycled!! Most people don't have recycling in their bathrooms and when your toothbrush has reached the end of it's life, you know exactly where it's headed! I'm guilty of this too! I already have my bamboo toothbrush ready to replace my current one! I bought mine at Nature's Fair!


Having a little basket in my car stocked with items that eliminate the need to plan ahead has saved me so many times! I did a full blog post and linked it HERE!


Jars! Lots & lots of jars!

This is a must, for bulk shopping, for pantry storage, for to-go lunches, and leftovers! Jars come in handy! You can find a bunch of them at your local thrift store, or just use your empty pasta sauce and salsa jars!!


Do you have any more suggestions to add that would make fellow zero-wasters or low-wasters could benefit from? Let me know!


Kaits xox

All photos taken by Tuesday Butcher Photography

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