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Eco-Friendly Stocking Stuffers

I personally love gift guides! Whenever I'm looking for something for a specific person and I know some of their likes, I scour the internet for gift ideas! These are just suggestions that I have curated myself. I don't receive commission from any of the brands mentioned in this blog post. I only linked the products below to make it easier for you! Happy holiday shopping!

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Biodegradable, Organic Cotton, and Plastic Free! If you're local you can get these at the Unless Market along with all of your other zero-waste needs!

100% natural, biodegradable, and plastic free loofah with essential oil soap. What more do you need?

There are many places where you can pick these up but I urge you to try and find a local place that can provide them before checking your local department store! Try and support local rather than something mass-produced in an un-ethical factory overseas. Do a quick Google search in your area and you should find a couple stores that sell them! The Unless Market in downtown Kelowna has every reusable straw you could dream of! If glass doesn't appeal to you, opt for bamboo, stainless steel or silicone!

I just ordered myself one of these and I could not be more excited! Think about how often new phones come out and how many cases are produced for each model and size. You'd be surprised how many plastic phone cases get thrown out that have never even touched a phone...

Not only does it work really well, but it comes in completely biodegradable packaging too! Just remove the sticker and it should break down in no time!

*This lip balm was not tested on animals but it does contain beeswax from a local farm in the Okanagan.*

There are many local retailers that carry this product so you don't need to order online! These bags will completely eliminate your need for plastic sandwich bags.

I absolutely love this set. The little carrying case that comes with it has enough room for my copper straw too! It is seriously so handy.

Not only do these look super cool, they work! Surprise surprise! Who knew you didn't need to brush your teeth with plastic! You can pick some up at the Unless Market, Nature's Fare, and even Winner's!

I just discovered this brand in Vancouver at Vegan Supply and fell in love, later to discover that a few of their flavours can be found at London Drugs! I really love the White Chocolate Vanilla! The packaging is also completely compostable, even the "plastic" inside.

Do you still use eye makeup wipes? These are definitely for you! Someone recommended these to me a while ago and I never tried them until recently. They really are magic! Removes all makeup super easily and all you need is water! Great for travel, or use at home! Click HERE for the eye makeup wipes, and HERE for the face cloth!


I hope you enjoy this gift guide! Send it to your family to make eco-friendly shopping a little easier on them!

Happy Holidays!

Kaits xox

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