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The Ultimate Girl's Weekend in Vancouver, BC

Welcome to the ultimate girls' weekend in Vancouver, BC! I've curated the perfect itinerary to ensure you have a wellness-focused, fun-filled weekend like no other. If you're looking to spend the majority of your time at a bar downtown, this isn't the itinerary for you. Get ready to experience amazing fitness classes, indulge in delicious vegan eats, explore vibrant markets, and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Vancouver. This is your local guide for the wellness girlies.


Start the weekend off with a relaxing yoga class at House Concepts. With incredible instructors, tons of classes to choose from and a beautiful studio right in Yaletown, this is the perfect kickoff spot for a balanced weekend. There are amazing showers and changerooms with everything you need so you don't have to go back to your Airbnb or hotel to get ready.

We kept it low-key for dinner because we just wanted to hang out and catch up but there are so many options downtown to choose from. If you're like us, Burger Crush was absolutely perfect. They have so many vegan options to choose from. I always order the vegan burger with sauteed mushrooms, tofu nuggets with all 5 vegan sauces, and a vegan coconut milkshake! My favourite flavour is strawberry but they also have chocolate, vanilla, rootbeer, and orange creamsicle!


We started the morning back at House Concepts for one of my favourite classes on their schedule called 'Hero Strength' with Arty. He is one of my favourite trainers because he always focuses on form and explains it so well, his classes are high energy and he gives you the space to go as hard or as easy as you need. His playlists are also next-level. You can book your first class here and get 10% off a 10 Class Series!

After a sweaty workout, there's nothing I love more than a protein smoothie bowl on a sunny patio. I personally think that Glory Juice Co. has the best smoothie bowls in Vancouver. My go-to order is the 'Sweet Tropical' and instead of blueberries I get raspberries and I add Vegan Raspberry protein! All of their bowls are topped with their in-house granola!

Glory Juice Co. also has tons of amazing lunch options and sweet treats to take away! I have never been disappointed with my choice when eating there. I highly recommend checking it out!

After breakfast...

For a fun little bonus, you can take an aquabus across to Granville Island Market to explore the shops and grab a snack for later. Some of my favourite spots in Granville Island Market are the colourful fruit stands, Siegels bagels, the olive stand for some spicy olives, and the food market!

Once you're done exploring the stalls, hop on a Mobi bike and take a ride around the seawall! I highly recommend stopping at one of the beaches to hang out for a little while if the weather is nice. I like 3rd or 2nd beach but English Bay is nice too!

Head back and get ready for dinner at The Greek by Anatoli. There are a few locations around Vancouver so find the one that works best for you. All locations have an amazing Vegan Menu. I recommend getting the vegan platter with Beyond Meat skewers, greek rice and potatoes, the vegan oyster mushroom kalamari and the Greek salad with Vegan feta imported from Greece! The service is always amazing and you'll leave feeling satisfied!


Head over to North Vancouver for a chill walk in the lush forests at Lynn Valley. The suspension bridges are really cool and the water is crystal clear! You can choose the distance you want to hike. There's even a cute little coffee shop and cafe up there.

After the hike head to Buddhafull for a nutritious brunch. There are so many smoothies, bowls, and goodies to choose from so good luck making a decision! This is the perfect spot to fuel up after a hike and before driving home after an awesome weekend. Just up the alley from Buddhafull, there are some thrift stores and cute shops to check out if you've got the time!

I hope this helps you plan the most fun girl's weekend with friends! We had the best time exploring Vancouver and filling our bellies with delicious plant-based eats! Tag me on Instagram @kaitlyndickie if you try any of my recommendations!! x


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