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Vegan Gift Guide for Her

I personally love gift guides! Whenever I'm looking for something for a specific person and I know some of their likes, I scour the internet for gift guides! These are just suggestions that I have curated myself. I don't receive commission from any of the brands mentioned in this blog post, I only linked the products below to make it easier on you!

Happy Holidays! ​

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If anyone wants to get me a gift for no reason at all.... this is what I want most. It makes ANY type of nut or seed milk in 30 seconds! You put in the ingredients you want with water and press the cute little button on the top of the machine. MAGIC!

I can flip to any page in the whole book and love the recipe. There hasn't been a single meal I've made that hasn't been jaw dropping! Seriously, try it out! My top favourites are the crabless crab-cakes, the stuffed crust pizza dough, the "See-food chowder", the apple fritters, and literally everything else I've tried.

The best vegan chocolate I've tried comes from Zazubean, iChoc, and Alter Eco. I know there are tons of others but these are the ones I always keep in stock at home.

Pretty much everything from Matt & Nat is super classy and simple. Timeless designs and amazing quality. They use vegan leather and they've also committed to using 100% recycled plastic bottles for the liners in their bags! Sign me up!!!

5. Gift Card to a Vegan Restaurant If you're in The Okanagan check-out one of our amazing restaurants with vegan menus! Some of my favourites are Naked Cafe (vegan), Social 242 (vegan menu), Central (vegan menu), Thai Terrace (vegan indicated on menu in restaurant), and Salty Caramel Kitchen (vegan)!

Did you know that a lot of wines aren't vegan? Do you know why? Fish bladders and egg whites... yup, it's also totally unnecessary, there are so many other ways to filter and fine wine. Be extra thoughtful when gifting wine this year and get your plant-based friend some vegan wine! Here are some of my Okanagan favourites: Clos Du Soleil - Celestial, Kitsch - Maria's Block Riesling, The Hatch - Octobubble Rosé, and Joie Farms - Gamay to name a few! Stay tuned for my full Vegan Okanagan Wine Guide this summer!

Nail polish was one of the few items I had a hard time finding cruelty-free and vegan at first, but I've since found so many options! I'll make it easy for you and list a couple of brands here: Pacifica, Nails Inc (their "Nail Pure" range), Gabriel, Zoya, and a bunch of others listed here.

Here's a quote from the website on why you should buy this book: "Vancouver has always been a trailblazer in all things food and especially plant-based. The Plant-based Foodie Cookbook features the stories and recipes of the leading Vancouver Plant-based businesses. Put simply, the message of this book is that plant-based food is awesome. Historically, rightly or wrongly, there is an impression vegetarian and vegan food tastes bad. This is absolutely not the case today. It is quoted that there are 3 reasons to follow a plant--based diet; 1) environment, 2) health and 3) compassion for animals. Now there is a 4th; it’s awesome." Honestly, do it for the Virtuous Pie Stranger Wings Pizza recipe that's in here!!

9. Vegan Apron Not only is this apron awesome, it's also made with organic cotton and recycled polyester! Get cooking!


I hope this was helpful or at least was able to guide you in the right direction!

Happy shopping!!

Kaits xox


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