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10 Earth Hour Activities

Did you know that Earth Hour originally started in Sydney, Australia in 2007? Each year has a theme and this year's theme is "Change the Way We Live". Whether you decide to ditch single-use plastic, take shorter showers, or eat less meat, this year is about changing something for the better of the planet. I'm sure we can all find something to do without electricity for 1 out of the 8765 hours in a year, but I've listed 10 Earth Hour Activities for you below!


1. Read a book by candlelight

2. Get outside or go for a walk

3. Set out a picnic blanket and enjoy the stars that are usually hard to see from light pollution

4. Meditate or just be still and listen to the sounds around you

5. Connect with a friend over tea or wine

6. Self-Care: face masks, nails, or whatever that looks like for you

7. Yoga in the dark

8. Candlelit dinner with you significant other, or friends

9. Make some art in the dark (show me the results!) 10. Play an instrument or take the opportunity to start learning something new


Let's all do our part to take care of our planet. Don't underestimate the difference one person can make in just one hour. If you can't participate during the global time (8:30-9:30) plan to do it at another time when you would still usually be using electricity. Have any other ideas to add to this post? Comment on my last instagram post HERE! Happy Earth Hour!

Kaits xox


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