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Zero-Waste Shower Routine

Everything you need to reduce the amount of plastic your daily shower routine takes, save money, and get squeaky clean at the same time!

Tired of buying expensive razor cartridges?

Why did I spend so much money on razors and razor blades for so long? How come I didn't know more about safety razors until now? Those conditioning strips on your typical 5-blade razors never last, they are tested on animals, and to be honest, they don't do much anyways. These dual-sided single blade safety razors are amazing! They are meant for sensitive skin, they are a one-time purchase, and they save so much unnecessary plastic! The one I have is by Rockwell Razors and I definitely wouldn't go back to using a plastic razor. Contrary to popular belief, they are called "safety" razors for a reason. I have had a total of ZERO cuts thus far! Also, a 5-pack of replacement blades from their website is $2! There are different settings for sharpness and closeness of the shave you desire. Give their website a peak! If you live in the Okanagan, you can pick one up at the Unless Market downtown on Lawrence Ave!

Solid shampoo bars are the new black

Lush has solid shampoo bars dialed in. I've used their solid bars for years when travelling abroad and recently made the switch to using them full-time. They are biodegradable, they last up to 80 washes (3x longer than a medium sized bottle of shampoo), and they can be used on your face, body, clothes, hair, etc. They have different scents and bars to suit your specific hair type. My current obsession is the 'Jason and the Argon Oil' bar, which smells like roses (my favourite scent). All of the solid shampoo bars are paraben free as well! I will never ever go back to using bottled shampoo; there is just no need.

Conditioner bars?

This is something I was definitely more skeptical to try because I've heard mixed reviews on conditioner bars. Obviously, I have to try them myself in order to tell you what I really think so I went and picked up the 'Big' conditioning bar from Lush, of course, and gave it a try. All in all, just because it's zero-waste, I already like it but I can honestly tell you that I love it!! It's definitely different and something to get used to because it doesn't lather but if you use it properly, it works! My best tip (and I think this is essential to the success of the bar), is to let it sit in a shallow dish with hot water before you use it. Rub it between your hands really well until they feel slippery and apply as usual! It might not feel like you're putting any product in your hair but trust that it's working its magic! It also doesn't feel soft when you rinse but don't worry! Just be sure to keep this stuff away from your roots, and give it a good rinse in warm/hot water!

Bar Soap vs. Shower gel

I've always been a shower-gel-gal but since starting this journey to reduce the amount of unnecessary single-use plastic that I use, I've decided that my itty bitty preference is not enough to continue using the gels. I'm actually really loving bar soaps! There are so many to choose from, they last way longer, and they are so inexpensive! I also took a soap-making class with my mom and we learned how to make our own! Now I just need to convince my family to switch out the liquid hand soap in the bathrooms and kitchen to bar soap as well.

Solid Face Cleansers!

I use one from Lush called 'Fresh Farmacy'. It's made for sensitive skin and gives a nice gentle wash. I only wash my face once a day and this one works great. Again, solid bars last so much longer than other face washes and I love knowing that I'm not putting a billion chemicals on my skin. I also have a second solid facial cleansing bar from a local company called Hemptations in Kelowna, British Columbia. I like having the option to choose a charcoal cleansing bar for when your face needs a really good clean. I use these two bars interchangeably and I'm pretty sure my brother uses these bars as well, he just won't admit to it yet.

Eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty-free alternatives

If you're not totally into the whole solid soap concept yet, 1) You'll get there eventually, 2) try this instead... Love Beauty and Planet has some delicious products that smell amazing, they use recycled plastic, they are recyclable, vegan, cruelty-free, and extremely affordable!! If you're going to get something in a bottle, do mother earth a favour and read the back of the bottle! You can get Love Beauty and Planet shampoo & conditioner at Shoppers or check online for distributors near you! My favourite scent is obviously the murumuru butter & rose, my moms is obviously the Argon Oil & Lavender. There are plenty more to choose from, with different hair type needs as well.

I can't wait to see which changes you decide to make! Happy planet saving!!

Kaits xox

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