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Vegan Christmas Baking Ideas

My favourite saying lately is "anything you can make, I can make vegan" and that applies to Christmas baking as well. You name it, gingerbread men, sugar cookies, cake, brownies, pie, I've got you. Impress the fam this holiday season and make these tasty vegan sugar-filled treats.


Vegan Gingerbread Men

This recipe comes from "Bohemian Vegan Kitchen" and it's a classic. You can't have Christmas without ginger bread men. No compromise necessary, make them vegan with no problem. There's no random ingredients in these cookies either which I love! You don't even need an egg-replacer or chia sees for this one. Check it out, here!


Vegan Sugar Cookies

This recipe was created by "Minimalist Baker," who if you don't already know, has tons of awesome, healthy vegan recipes. Get her cut-out sugar cookie recipe here.


Vegan Thumbprint Cookies

This recipe comes from the blog "Vanilla Crunnch," and the images alone make you want to drool. You could even use a little snowflake cookie cutter instead of a heart to make them more winter-y. Find the recipe here.


Vegan Ginger Cake with Chai Buttercream

A little louder for the people in the back... vegan ginger cake with CHAI buttercream. Oh my lanta doesn't that just sound like a dream? I've dreamt about it, so I guess it is a dream. What are you waiting for? Get the recipe here.


Vegan Chocolate Zucchini Brownies

This recipe is actually my own! Call me biased but I've made these brownies so many times it's almost concerning. You can modify these brownies however you want but may I suggest adding 3 drops of peppermint extract and topping them with crushed up vegan candy canes? Get the recipe here!


Vegan Pecan Pie

I originally found this recipe when Erin Ireland made it for a few Christmas parties last year and it blew up on instagram. The original recipe is from "Making Thyme For Health" and the step-by-step photos are stunning. Get the full recipe here.


Vegan Butter Tarts

This recipe comes from the blog "It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken," and it's everything you want from a christmas baking recipe. Flaky crust, gooey filling, and sugar-rushes. Find the recipe here.


Vegan Ginger Molasses Cookies

This recipe is by "Nora Cooks" and I can't wait to bake these up again. Ginger molasses cookies are my absolute favourite. Find the recipe here.


Am I Missing Anything?

What are your absolute favourite Christmas baking recipes? Let me know over on Instagram and don't forget to tag me if you were inspired at all to make a vegan dessert this christmas! IF you have a favourite recipe and don't know how to make it vegan check out my "5 Easy Vegan Baking Swaps" blog post HERE for some easy ideas!

vegan carrot cake recipe with copy that says "5 Easy Vegan Baking Swaps", the image links to a blog post.


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