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Vegan Valentine's Day Dinner

Whether you're staying in with friends or making dinner for a special someone, check out these amazing recipes that'll be sure to make you fall in love. Cue Drool.

I'm going to keep this post nice and short and just give you what you're looking for. I'm not the biggest fan of having to scroll through 8 pages of writing just to get to the recipe so here we go. ON THE MENU WE'VE GOT..........


Smoked Cashew Cheese Toast with Poached Pear Lauren Toyota from Hot for Food does it again.... I know I've been making a ton of her recipes lately but can you blame me? They are so dang good. Scroll through her blog ( and you'll see what I mean. How delicious does this look? If you want to be lazy and focus your efforts on the entrée instead, pick up some Spread'Em Kitchen dips from Nature's Fare and substitute the smoked cashew cheese. You won't regret spending the extra time making the cheese though. It's worth it.


Click the photo for the link to the recipe. General rule of thumb... I use half the amount of liquid smoke no matter what recipe it is. It's super over powering and can easily ruin a dish if you put too much. These portobello mushroom steaks were so so flavourful. The recipe doesn't even require you to marinate them either. I cooked mine in a sauce pan but I would definitely put them on the grill if you have the option. Load them up with chimichurri. It's so fresh & delicious, your dinner date will be begging for more. Hot for Food is magical.. if this doesn't inspire you, click through her blog and I promise you'll find something to make for dinner.


Who doesn't love the classic sides you'd get with a steak dinner at a restaurant? Grill up some asparagus with garlic, salt & pepper and you're halfway there. I created this recipe for my Thanksgiving blog post. For this meal, I'd recommend blending your mashed potatoes to get that super smooth final product. Creamy mashed potatoes don't have to be loaded with dairy. Just use these vegan dairy substitutes and carry on as normal. For an easy version of the recipe posted HERE, skip the vegan cream cheese and substitute the cashew cream for any unsweetened plant milk. I promise you they'll be just as delicious.


The ultimate Flourless Brownie for Two Every desert I've ever made from Oh She Glows has been incredible. A little dessert for two seemed perfectly fitting for a Valentine's Day meal. If you have her cookbook, I highly recommend the Chocolate Hazelnut Espresso Tarte as well.


"Bone apple tea" & happy love day, friends! If you make any of these dishes don't forget to tag me on Instagram @kaitlyndickie. <3

Kaits xox

P.s. If you don't get the Bone Apple Tea joke.... google it. <3


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